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The Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Central Massachusetts was founded in 1941 to unite professionals in the field of housing construction and remodeling. We are a non-profit organization that supports our members through education, advocacy, benefits, and networking. Our members include builders, remodelers, architects, designers, suppliers, and other related professionals in the industry. We strive to promote and maintain high ethical and professional standards within the industry, and to provide our members with the resources and support they need to succeed.

As an association, we provide our members with a variety of services to help them grow their businesses and stay competitive in the industry. These services include educational programs, networking events, marketing and advertising opportunities, industry news and updates, and advocacy for the industry at the local, state, and national levels. We also offer access to trusted contractors and estimates for consumers who are looking for professional and reliable services. Our goal is to be the go-to resource for anyone in the Central Massachusetts area who needs assistance with their housing construction or remodeling project.



The Builder and Remodelers Association of Central Massachusetts invites industry professionals from all aspects of the building industry to serve on our Board of Directors.


The Executive Committee carries out the directives of the Board.



The Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Central Massachusetts (HBRACM), founded in 1941, is an organization of professionals involved in all phases of the home building industry.

The HBRACM provides a positive atmosphere in which the association promotes an Increased awareness about our industry. We accomplish this through: Networking, Education, Legislative & Regulatory Advocacy, Community Involvement and Member Benefits.

As the HBRACM continues to grow, we strive to: Become the trusted leader & voice for the home building industry, promote the American dream of home ownership through Smart Growth and to expand our commitment to community service. Our goal is to have qualified professionals join us in becoming leaders of the home building industry.

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